Eagle Eye 12v motorized unit
The Eagle Eye™ is an effective bird deterrent device that harmlessly relocates birds.
Birds are irritated by reflected light beams that flash at various angles from a rotating Eagle Eye™ unit.

The system has been extensively tested and used at hundreds of locations internationally.
Facilities and situations include resorts, food production facilities, waste treatment plants, correctional facilities, hospitals, libraries, government buildings, tourist facilities, golf courses, bowling greens, and horticultural crops to name but a few.

In order for the Eagle Eye system to be most effective, the following steps must be taken:
1) Bird proofing products should be installed at the favorite nesting- and roosting areas.
2) Ensure that easily accessible food sources are removed or covered.

The Eagle Eye system will work to deter birds from the general area, only once the above-mentioned attractions have been addressed

The Eagle Eye™ is complementary to the full range of products and techniques used by bird control experts to relocate birds from infested areas.

These units can be powered by either an electrical power supply or a Solar panel.
Please note that the effectiveness of the Eagle Eye system can only be guaranteed if the placement locations and unit quantities are determined by an accredited Eagle Eye representative. 
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