Bird Breezer Flash unit


Our new Bird Breezer Flash unit combines the motion deterrent function of the original Bird Breezer
with multiple flashing patterns to also deter approaching birds from the area.
This unit has an effective radius of up to 8 meters in direct sunlight.

When to use the Bird Breezer Flash unit?: 
-If you have a small-medium area to protect from daytime birds.
-If the area you wish to install the unit does not pose any risks of visual irritation to your neighbors. 

Ideal for rooftops, chimneys, parapets, pergolas, louvers as well as reducing bird-related crop damage in agriculture and vegetable gardens.

Simply install the Bird Breezer Flash unit in the area where approaching birds tend to land.
The highly visible rotating cups will discourage most birds from landing nearby the unit.

The Bird Breezer Flash is most effective when installed in direct sunlight and requires only a slight breeze to rotate.

The Bird Breezer Flash unit can either be glued to the surface with a strong adhesive or fastened with four screws (adhesive and screws not included).

The Bird Breezer Flash mounting bracket is made out of strong Glass Filled Nylon.
The four metalized ABS cups rotate on a durable double-bearing assembly to ensure optimal sensitivity, balance, and longevity.

The Bird Breezer Flash unit should be cleaned every four months to ensure optimal reflectivity.
- Spray the cups with a window cleaning soap and wipe them clean with a soft cloth.
- Rinse the cups with water and dry using a clean cloth.